The Utah-Japan Golf Program began in 1986 as a collaborative effort between Osamu Hoshino of the Utah Department of Tourism and  Nagoya High School golf coach Hiro Komura. Since the beginning, the program’s mission has been to provide Japanese high school golfers the opportunity to improve their playing ability while offering complete immersion into American culture. The interaction between the students and host families is one aspect of the Utah-Japan Golf Program that sets it apart from all other golf exchanges and is an integral part of the program’s success.

Utah-Japan Golf Program

A non-profit organization

    Each participant comes to Utah representing a different high school from the Chubu Region of Japan (see map). The ten day program is designed to give the students maximum exposure to professional instruction and Utah’s incredible variety of golf courses. Students spend the majority of their time at the golf course, participating in daily clinics followed by 18 holes of golf.  The students compete daily to qualify for the honor of representing Japan in the

Utah-Japan International Tournament at the end of the week.

    The students also enjoy a variety of activities made possible by the host families, who show the students the best Salt Lake City has to offer, from bowling to Tram rides at Snowbird. The Utah-Japan Golf Program has a history of incredible host families, who truly appreciate the value of enriching their lives through cultural exchange. Their cooperation and involvement makes the Utah-Japan Golf Program a truly unforgettable, eye-opening experience for the Japanese students.

    If you and your family would like to be a part of building stronger international understanding and cooperation, please click here for more information or contact:

Brad Richard

Director- Utah-Japan Golf Program, Inc

939 Donner Way #101

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